Alderney is excited to be pioneering the Living Islands initiative to help island economies. The programme has been created as part of  the British Wildlife Trusts Living Landscapes Scheme. It is an extension of their “Living Seas” and “Living Landscapes” programmes.

Impact of the Living Islands Initiative

The programme is working with islanders to:

  • establish the link between the natural environment and its economic value. The focus is on the importance of both the natural environment and the island’s built heritage
  • integrate many aspects of island life into the conservation of both wildlife on the island and in the seas around it and the island’s history. The island has been inhabited for over 12,000 years and there is a fascinating legacy from this.
  • substantially deepen the involvement of island communities in direct conservation activity

People often comment lightheartedly that Alderney is an island of volunteers. This is very true and there are very many aspects of island life which are enriched by our community. It is no surprise that our community has responded very enthusiastically to the Living Islands initiative. We often hold events where volunteers (and visitors) join us to protect or improve our island. You can find out more about this wonderful initiative and get involved via the Living Islands website. You will also find details of wildlife and historical sites walks on this site.



1. Living Islands Report – Executive Summary Download
2. Living Islands Report – Cover and Contents Download
3. Living Islands Report – Executive Summary & Sections 1-4 Download
4. Living Islands Report – Sections 5-9, Appx 1-2 Download
5. Living Islands Report – Report Appendices 3-5 Download


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