Get involved with local history by visiting the island on this special day which is also a public holiday for Alderney. For the Channel Islands at the close of WWII, liberation could not come soon enough. Guernsey and Jersey saw the transition back to British control on 9th May 1945, with the arrival of British warships and troops into St Peter Port and St Helier respectively. However, it took a further seven days before the few surviving local residents of Alderney received the same attention, and on 16th May Brigadier Snow landed to receive the occupying forces surrender. Yet the liberation story for Alderney was far from over.

Unlike the other Channel Islands, the residents of Alderney had mostly fled before the advancing German forces arrived, either taking passage to the UK or Guernsey. It took  almost six months of hard work by British forces and German POWs to make Alderney safe again. On 15th December 1945 the first returners arrived back on Alderney. Alderney first formally recognised the importance of the date in 2005 when it made the Alderney Homecoming day a bank holiday to mark the 60th anniversary of the historic day.

Homecoming Day is the 15th December, however this year it falls on a Saturday therefore the Bank Holiday will be taken on 10th December.

Keep an eye on this page to find out what is happening in Alderney on Homecoming Bank Holiday

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