Helen, founder of "movegently"™ Holistic-Practise Retreat, provides bespoke, intuitive healing through gentle touch, which considers the whole person, in a calm, private and confidential spa-like sanctuary. This safe space also includes and allows for Life coaching & Mentoring sessions as Helen is qualified in these with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship.

"movegently"™ combines the best of techniques, psychologies, philosophies, art and science from the East and West, and so has a unique feel and approach.

Helen is trained and qualified with The Jing Institute of Advanced Massage and Advanced Myofascial Release, including Shiatsu and Acupressure in order to create balance between and through body, mind, soul & Spirit transforming our e-motions (energy in motion) and sensations into calm relaxation. Thus our body is now able to naturally grow, repair & heal.

This new approach of ancient healing and intuitive movement with scientific analysis allows radical improvement of our health and well-being. The service that "movegently"™ provides is available for all residents and visitors to the island of Alderney alike, also offering retreats and premium packages.

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Nonsuch, Gesnaire du Roi, Le Petit Val, Alderney, GY9 3UU

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