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Bacchus 2021 2000X850


A Venetian wine bar at the top of Victoria Street serving Lilly coffee, Italian pastries and exceptional wine by the glass, along with traditional cicheti, brunch and pizzetta.

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Opening hours:

Mon Closed
Tue 10 - 2 & 6 - late
Wed 10 - 2 & 6 - late
Thu 10 - 2 & 6 - late
Fri 10 - 2 & 6 - late
Sat 10 - 2 & 6 - late
Sun Closed


Braye Beach Hotel

The Braye Beach Brasserie, Beach Bar and Terraces are ideally located, offering stunning views on Braye Bay as well as being is the perfect place for all occasions!

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 824300
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Opening hours

Mon From 10am
Tue From 10am
Wed From 10am
Thu From 10am
Fri From 10am
Sat From 10am
Sun From 10am


Braye Chippy

One of the island’s favourites, Braye Chippy is adjacent to the inner harbour and provides you with classic fish-shop delicacies in the evening all year round.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823475

Opening hours

Monday 12-2, 5-9
Tue Closed
Wed 12-2, 5-9
Thu 12-2, 5-9
Fri 12-2, 5-9
Sat 12-2, 5-9
Sun 12-2, 5-9


Bumps Bistro

Tucked away from behind the top of Victoria Street, with a lovely enclosed garden, lies a little bit of paradise called 'Bumps' which is open for lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823197
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Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed 10.30am-11pm
Thu 10.30am-11pm
Fri 10.30am-11pm
Sat 10.30am-11pm
Sun 10.30am-11pm


Cantina Number 6

Cantina Number 6 has a relaxed and chilled atmosphere with amazing views over Braye Bay. Open for brunch, lunch or dinner, their menu is ready to tingle those taste buds!

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 824063

Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue 12-2/6.30-9
Wed 12-2/6.30-9
Thu 12-2/6.30-9
Fri 12-2/6.30-9
Sat 12-2/6.30-9
Sun Closed


Coronation Inn

The Coronation Inn is a small traditional pub, with no frills, no T.V, no loud music; just good beer and great company where a warm welcome is always provided.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822630

Opening hours

Mon 11-2/4-late
Tue 11-2/4-late
Wed 11-2/4-late
Thu 11-2/4-late
Fri 10-late
Sat 10-late
Sun 12-2.30

Jacks Banner 2021

Jack's Alderney

Whether you're looking for a classic breakfast or a light al fresco lunch, Jack's Brasserie is the perfect town centre rendez-vous offering café culture and dining in the heart of St Anne. 

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823933 
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Opening hours

Mon 9-3
Tue 9-3
Wed 9-3
Thu 9-3
Fri 9-3
Sat 9-3

Le Pesked Banner 2021

Le Pesked at the Harbour Lights

Authentic, rustic and romantic, with all the joie de vivre that France has to offer - Le Pesked is the only French restaurant on Alderney serving delicious meals by Brittany chef David.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823841
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Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue 9-2.30/6.30-9.30
Wed 9-2.30/6.30-9.30
Thu 9-2.30/6.30-9.30
Fri 9-2.30/6.30-9.30
Sat 9-2.30/6.30-9.30
Sun 9-2.30


Mai Thai

All dishes are made fresh with the finest ingredients available, featuring the sensational flavours of Thailand. From pad thai to green curry, Mai Thai offers all your favourite dishes.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 824940
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Opening hours

Mon 12-2/6-10
Tues 12-2/6-10
Wed 12-2/6-10
Thu 12-2/6-10
Fri 12-2/6-10
Sat 12-2/6-10
Sun 12-2/6-10


Marais Hall

The Marais Hall, the oldest pub on Alderney, has an enviable reputation for good food that has been built over many years and is a popular venue for bar meals with locals and visitors alike.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822683

Opening hours

Mon 2pm till close
Tue 2pm till close
Wed 2pm till close
Thu 2pm till close
Fri 2pm till close
Sat 10am till close
Sun 10am-8pm


Nellie Grays

Dine in the ambience of Nellie Gray's and understand why the locals count it as one of their favourites. The food is tasty and delicious and the staff are very friendly.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823333
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Opening hours

Mon 10-2/6-10
Tue 10-2/6-10
Wed 10-2/6-10
Thu 10-2/6-10
Fri 10-2/6-10
Sat 10-2/6-10
Sun 10-2/6-10


PJ's Café

Ideally placed at the heart of town, towards the top of Victoria Street, PJ's Pantry offers all you could possibly need when it comes to snacks, lunch and cakes.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823382
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Opening hours

Mon 9-1.30
Tue 9-2
Wed 9-2
Thu 9-2
Fri 9-2
Sat 9-2
Sun 9.30-12.30


Sailing Club

Enjoy an afternoon tea by the sea in the sun on the Sailing Club's stunning ship-shape club deck with panoramic views across the harbour and Braye Bay.

Phone icon +44 (0)1481 822959
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Opening hours

Tues 3.00 - 4.30


St Anne's Guest House

St Anne's Guest house serves afternoon teas during the summer. The delicious homemade cakes and scones (with Alderney cream!) are served in the secluded garden or in the lounge.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 823145
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Opening hours

Wed 2.30-5.30
Thurs 2.30-5.30
Fri 2.30-5.30
Sat 2.30-5.30

1st June to 30th September only

Sugar Hog Banner 2021

Sugar Hog

A retro cafe selling great coffee and paninis, along with artisan Gelato and traditional sweets.

Phone icon 07761160402
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The Aviator Cafe

Located in Airport, the Aviator Cafe is a great place for a quick cuppa and a light bite, whether you’re about to jet off, awaiting an arrival or out on a walk in the area.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822566
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Opening hours

Mon 7am-airport close
Tue 7am-airport close
Wed 7am-airport close
Thu 7am-airport close
Fri 7am-airport close
Sat 7am-airport close
Sun 7am-airport close

The Blonde Hedgehog 2020 2000X850

The Blonde Hedgehog

The Blonde Hedgehog restaurant is the heart of the hotel and serves sumptuous farm-to-table dishes.

Phone icon +44 (0)1481 823230
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Opening hours

Mon - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00
Tues - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00
Wed - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00
Thurs - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00
Fri - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00
Sat - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00
Sun - 8.00-10.00 12.00-2.30 6.00-9.00


The Campania

A long established traditional public house situated within the heart of St Anne. It has a flourishing bar area, a lovely garden and also a pool table and darts board.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822653

Opening hours

Mon 12-12
Tue 12-12
Wed 12-12
Thu 12-12
Fri 12-12
Sat 10-12
Sun 10-12

The Chez Bar 2021

The Chez Bar

Sports bar showing a range of sports with pool table and darts.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 824784

Opening hours

Fri 5pm - close
Sat 5pm - close
Sun 5pm - close


The Divers Inn

For a local vibe, pop into the welcoming Divers Inn. Its cosy interior is filled with character, including their own diver who sits permanently in the corner. 

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822632

Opening hours

Mon 12-12pm
Tue 12-12pm
Wed 12-12pm
Thu 12-12pm
Fri 12-12pm
Sat 12-12pm
Sun 12-12pm

The Georgian Banner 2022

The Georgian House

Their food reflects a passion in keeping things uncomplicated with fresh, high-quality produce and a belief in sourcing local and sustainable produce where possible.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822471
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Opening hours

Mon 9.30am–midnight
Tue 9.30am–midnight
Wed 9.30am–midnight
Thurs 9.30am–midnight
Fri 9.30am–midnight
Sat 9.30am–midnight
Sun 9.30am–midnight

The Moorings Summer

The Moorings

Situated near Braye Bay, the Moorings is the go-to venue for families who are looking for a place where the kids can let off some steam and the adults can relax.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822459
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Opening hours

Mon 9.30am-9.30pm
Tue Closed
Wed 12-9.30pm
Thu 9.30am-9.30pm
Fri 9.30am-10.00pm
Sat 9.30am-10.00pm
Sun 9.30am-9.30pm


The Old Barn

The Old Barn, located at just a 2 minute walk from Longis beach, has a beautiful garden, ideal on a sunny day, and a cosy room with an open fire for the colder months.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 822537

Opening hours

Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wed 10-4
Thu 10-4
Fri 10-4
Sat 10-4
Sun 10-4

Quaterdeck Banner 2023 2000X850

The Quarterdeck

Situated above the inner harbour, serving Breton style cuisine with fresh seafood and a traditional roast on Sundays.

Phone icon 01481 823842 / 07781 135379
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Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue 6-9
Wed 12-2/6-9
Thu 12-2/6-9
Fri 12-2/6-9
Sat 12-2/6-9
Sun 12-2

The-Vaults-banner-2019-2000x850.jpg (1)

The Vaults

Located in an original wine vault, The Vault is a modern, up tempo restaurant and bar serving succulent steaks, a wide range of wines and the latest cocktails.

Phone icon +44 (0) 1481 824300
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Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tue Closed
Wed 6pm-late
Thu 6pm-late
Fri 6pm-late
Sat 6pm-late
Sunday 6pm-late