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25 May 2017

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Within this tiny island, just a short distance from England, you'll find everything that makes the perfect holiday. Take a look at our brochure and start planning your trip.

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Visit Alderney: So Close, So Different

Alderney invites you to travel to and discover one of the few unspoiled, peaceful, natural and totally relaxing British Isles, just a short hop away in the Channel Islands.

Imagine a little island – just one and a half miles wide and three and a half miles long – which is host to a wide variety of events and stunning natural heritage. The friendly local population welcomes visitors and you will never be short of things to do or places to eat. Like the other Channel Islands, Alderney enjoys a mild climate which makes it a popular destination during the Spring and Autumn, as well as the Summer. Even in the Winter, the Festive Alderney programme makes the island popular with people who like to get away but also enjoy the option to take part in community events.

Despite its closeness to mainland France (8 miles), Guernsey (23 miles), Jersey (30 miles) and the Isle of Wight (60 miles), Alderney has managed to avoid mainstream tourism. Remote, yet well-connected with direct scheduled air links from the UK, Alderney has its own airport and harbour.

Visit Alderney and you will discover an oasis with an ancient and varied history, an abundance of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, an enviable lifestyle with that unique, contagious phenomenon known as “the Alderney Feeling”. For those who fall in love with Alderney, our Move to Alderney team is on hand to help you plan to move your family or business to our Channel Island.

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