On a Living Islands tour you can enjoy a wide variety of activities. Popular activities include exploring of the stunning western cliffs, the eastern beaches and Longis Nature reserve. Many people also love grazing their way along the ‘food for free’ foraging trail! The Seashore and Seabird Safaris both involve boat trips around Alderney to show you the wonders of Clonque Bay, the Southern Cliffs and Alderney’s Ramsar coastal conservation zone.

The Living Islands tours are also an excellent opportunity to get to know the island on foot or with hired bikes. When you set your own pace you can really savour the stunning views which the island offers. The best bit is that you feel you really deserve to tuck into the exquisite local cuisine as you go!

Book Alderney’s Living Islands Wildlife and Heritage 2 day tours via our partner Channel Islands Direct or day tours via our Visitor Information Centre when you are on island.

Don’t just take our word for it though, you can read the article written by Eileen Leahy in the Express (August 2014). She described the seafood as “heavenly”. Her tour included a car ride, walking, cycling and boat trip so she could explore the island, its wildlife and its historical sites at a comfortable pace.


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