Monday 15 December 2014

To commemorate the return to Alderney of the first group of Islanders after WW2, following the mass evacuation of 1940.

Unlike the other Channel Islands, just about everyone left Alderney when ships arrived offering help, thus allowing the Nazis to do as they wished with the island.

On Hitler’s personal instructions it was turned into a land battleship, a key bulwark of the Atlantic Wall. Four concentration camps (the only ones ever built on British soil) housed thousands of slave labourers from all over Europe (including the Channel Islands) who, in conditions of appalling deprivation, converted the island’s picturesque Victorian forts into a Speer-inspired nightmare.

To mark Homecoming Day, we will be hosting several events to celebrate and remember.

Please note that 15th December is a Public Holiday in Alderney



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