Visible to the north west of Clonque Bay is low-lying Burhou, the largest of the islets and rocks surrounding Alderney. Burhou is an important part of the internationally important Ramsar site which includes a large area of coast and inshore water between Alderney and Ortac, the pyramidal rock that can be seen beyond Burhou. The home of a very important seabird colony, Burhou provides nesting sites for puffins, storm petrels and lesser black backed gulls. It is now accessible only between August and mid-March, to avoid disturbance to breeding seabirds, some of which are threatened by population decline.

The cottage on Burhou was built in the early 19th century as a shelter for fishermen and wrecked mariners. This cottage fell into decay but was repaired in 1900 by a French couple who attempted to farm on the island. Various people lived there until it was destroyed during the German occupation. After the war the States of Alderney acquired the island and a hut was erected in 1953 which is still available to rent outside of the “puffin season”.

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