To help you get the most from your stay on Alderney, we have created this page with some useful information and tips from the “locals”.

Many shops on Alderney close for lunch from 12.30 to 2 pm. Some also close for a half-day on Wednesday, however, newsagents and food shops are open until 2pm on Sundays.

The licensing laws are different to those of the other Channel Islands so there’s generally a pub or an off-licence to be found open. If you aren’t sure, just ask and there’s sure to be a local who can recommend somewhere.

Mobile phones – certain mobile networks require a roaming facility plus international dialing code. Please check with your provider.

The island has escaped the clutter of ‘street furniture’ with discreet street lighting in the town area – but torches are very handy at night! To help you find your way around and locate Alderney’s interesting sites, we have created a tourism map. During your stay you will be able to view some of our wonderful and unique heritage, some of which has been converted into private residences or self catering accommodation.

Commercial flights to the island are on Dorniers which seat up to 16 people. The commercial airline, Aurigny, which is named after Alderney, is renowned for its friendly and helpful staff. They always do their best to accommodate their customers and can also arrange private charters (at reasonable costs) for larger groups.

Some visitors find the Dorniers noisy. Many people like to provide children with ear defenders and some choose to use ear plugs themselves. Aurigny allow cats and dogs on their flights by prior agreement as they have to travel in their cage. Your pet will travel with you but at the back of the aircraft; it’s not unusual to hear cats meowing or the odd doggy whine coming from the rear of the plane!

Local children on Alderney enjoy considerable freedom with an enviable, relaxed lifestyle. Many families visiting the island enjoy the ‘Famous Five’ or ‘Swallows and Amazons’ type of approach and their children undertake independent and exciting adventures on the island.


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