If you’re yearning for a peaceful escape from the stresses of modern life, you can find it here. Take a short break in the Channel Islands and relax among Alderney’s clean open spaces. Here you can enjoy rolling commons and stunning coastline. The island is intimate yet wonderfully uncrowded, with plenty of space to get away from it all. Life is slower here, so take your time, follow your whims and let the island reveal its secrets day by day.

Alderney’s surroundings are warm and welcoming. The Channel Islands’ weather is mild throughout the year, the terrain is gentle and nothing is ever too far away. The island is rich in natural heritage, with the chance to see thousands of wild flowers, wander through tranquil green spaces and spot remarkable birds such as gannets, puffins, guillemots and peregrines.

If you want to enjoy the sun, you can’t beat the beach  and Alderney’s beaches are truly exceptional. The island’s northern and eastern coasts have miles of soft golden sands and sheltered crescent bays, all ideal for a stroll, a paddle or just a few minute relaxation. As you watch the boats bobbing gently on the waves, you haven’t a care in the world.

Prefer something a little more active? You can enjoy walking, cycling, fishing and sailing. On such a small island, everything is always within easy reach  and it’s simple to plan a holiday that includes everything you want to do.

Alderney’s fascinating history is written in its landscape and architecture. The island has been inhabited for over 5000 years, and relics from the Stone Age can be seen at the museum. The island’s military importance since Roman times is reflected in its many forts and fortifications spanning Napoleonic, Victorian and World War II, when the island was Occupied by German forces.

Whatever Alderney means to you, enjoy your visit.



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