On foot you can walk along the coast paths and explore Alderney’s fabulous beaches. From the white sands of Saye  and Braye Bay to the rockpools of Longis Bay and Clonque Bay you are sure to find a beach to suit your mood and tastes.

Saye Beach (pronounced ‘Soy’) is a popular family beach. Situated between Braye Beach and Arch Bay, it has a perfect curve of white sand nestled in between rocky headlands. Saye is just over the dunes from the island’s only campsite.

Braye Bay is a good sandcastle beach. Only a few minutes walk from the harbour and town, it is sheltered by Alderney’s famous Breakwater.

Longis Bay (pronounced ‘Lonjee’) is on the south-east coast and has a wide, half-mile sandy beach facing south. It is protected from winds by a long wall built during the German Occupation and is a favourite for sunbathers and rockpoolers.

Corblets Beach, on the north coast, is the best for board surfing. At high tide the rocks cut off this bay from the adjoining Arch Bay.

Arch Bay is a small sheltered beach adjoining Corblets Bay. An ideal beach for young children.

Platte Saline is perfect for nature lovers and fishermen, but swimming is not permitted here because of a severe undertow.

Clonque Bay is ideal for rock pooling, nature lovers and the firm footed.

Although dogs are welcome visitors to Alderney, neither dogs nor horses are permitted on beaches from 1 June to 15 September, with the exception of Platte Saline, Clonque and Crabby beaches.


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