Alderney Bird Observatory (ABO) is a new project led by the Alderney Wildlife Trust.

Creating Britain’s Newest and most Southerly Accredited Bird Observatory. Alderney is becoming established as one of the most exciting islands in Britain for seeing and monitoring birds in migration and for nesting seabirds.

Establish in March 2016, the bird observatory has already shown that Alderney is a very important place for migrating birds with nearly 4000 birds ringed in 3 months including some rarities such as the sub-alpine warbler or the bonelli’s warbler.

Alderney Bird Observatory

What is a Bird Observatory?

It’s a place which conducts long-term monitoring of bird populations and migration. Individual observatories are located at prime migration points around the British Isles and conduct within a defined recording area. The first observatory was established on the Welsh Island of Skokholm (1933) and since then the British network has become renowned worldwide for its network of observatories, the quality of their observations and the wildlife viewing opportunities they present.

An integral part of a bird observatory’s work is bird ringing, the capturing of birds by a licensed ‘ringer’, who acts as the observatory’s Warden, thus enabling the study of population dynamics across an international species . Observatories encourage volunteers to participate in scientific studies of birds and the environment, including ringing and more casual observations whilst out enjoying the areas they reside within. The results of these studies are made freely available to researchers and to the public who are welcome to then visit the observatories.

Alderney has featuren in the mid-May edition of Countryfile (Spring special) on the 15th of May – 7pm on BBC One! If you missed it, don’t worry, you can watch it until the 14th June:


Every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm at the Alderney Wildlife Trust Conference Room, John will give a talk about the Alderney Bird Observatory. Bookings available at the Visitor Information Centre. £5 per Adult, £2.50 per child.


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