Fishing on Alderney

It’s a paradise for the specimen-hunter and those who love lakes containing big carp! Alderney provides fantastic fishing spots, beautiful surroundings and dozens of unusual species. There is also plenty to entertain the non-anglers in the party.

Alderney offers some of the best opportunities for saltwater angling in the British Isles. Maybe that’s why some local anglers say that a bad day in Alderney is still better than a good day on the mainland!

The island’s weather is mild, with powerful tides, and its many rocky outcrops and sheltered sandy bays provide excellent protection for young fish. These unique conditions mean a varied and plentiful stock all year round, with the chance to land some magnificent specimens. Many British record fish are caught here.

Because the fish are so abundant, even novice anglers can expect to catch pollack, garfish or wrasse using a float. Experienced fishers might land a sole, bass, plaice, skate, tope, turbot, bream or brill. In winter, you can pit your skills and strength against the wily and powerful thick-lipped grey mullet.

More exotic species include red gurnards, couches sea bream, bull huss, codling and smoothhounds, or even gilthead bream, Pandora’s bream, coalfish and triggerfish. Autumn brings good opportunities for catching conger eels, and rays are frequent visitors too.

Inland, common and mirror carp can be fished for at Corblets Reservoir. Fishing for carp on this man-made lake is on a strictly catch and release basis. Fishermen must use unhooking mats and barbless hooks to minimise the distress to the fish. This allows the carp to breed and develop into the monster size fish that you enjoy catching today.

Corblets Quarry is a beautiful spot which is sheltered, making it an ideal location for fishing. Tickets can be purchased from Jonathan Gates. A day ticket is £5 and an annual membership is £100. Contact Jonathan Gates on mob. 07781 457024 or email

The shoreline offers dozens of perfect angling locations, with miles of coastline undisturbed by crowds. Platte Saline beach is one of the popular spots with fisherman. The famous granite breakwater, jutting three-quarters of a mile (1km) into the sea with deep water either side, is unsurpassed in Britain. Beaches such as Platte Saline are ideal for sole and easily accessible, while the more intrepid can clamber down the rocks to find a spot. And if the wind is too strong on the north side of the island, you can simply drive a mile to the south coast!

A boat is available to charter. Local anglers are friendly and free with their knowledge too. If you’re feeling competitive, you could enter the annual Alderney Angling Festival, which usually attracts over 200 competitors, all hoping to land a record-breaking fish.

Charter trips

Avante – available for Charter Angling trips in Alderney, for more information or to book contact Dave on 07781 115132/823307.



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