The Alderney museum was started in 1966 and displays a record of Alderney’s fascinating history. The museum’s collections are concerned exclusively with Alderney, and cover geology, archaeology, the natural environment and social history.

Visitors can browse incredible exhibits relating to an early Iron Age pottery and the Gallo-Roman occupation, as well as the building of Braye Harbour, the breakwater, associated defensive forts and gun batteries by the British government. Further exhibits include materials from the German Occupation, the islanders’ mass evacuation in 1940 and their return in 1945. The discovery of the remains of a wreck from the Elizabethan period, continues to bring new and exciting finds to the museum.

The museum is open daily April to October and also has a wide selection of books and guides for sale. If you wish to visit the museum at other times, there is usually one of our volunteers on hand who will be delighted to show you around.

Telephone: 01481 823222



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