For a small island just 40 minutes flight from the UK, Alderney’s coast is surprisingly varied and provides numerous opportunities for relaxing or challenging walks. From a gentle stroll along a beach to a stretching scramble along the cliffs, Alderney is sure to have a beach or a coastal path to suit your preference.

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If you enjoy coastal and cliff walking, there are a number of rewarding places to visit around the island. The remarkable views and opportunities to watch passing birds, sealife and varied wildflowers are certain to delight visitors.

Alderney is almost the only place in Britain where you can watch gannets without taking a boat ride. Walk along the cliffs at Valle des Trois Vaux and look out to sea. From here you will see the multitude of gannets on the incredible gannetries at Ortac and Les Etacs. About 7000 gannets nest here, totalling approximately two per cent of the world population. Les Etacs is arguably the most easily viewed colony in Europe.

Whether you choose to observe the fascinating erosion of the Goldsworthy stones on your coastal walk or explore the valleys, there is a huge amount to explore and enjoy.

Alderney Wildlife Trust has more information about the coast and cliffs. You can also learn more from our walking maps.

Charter trips

Lady Maris II and Voyager carry 12 passengers and are licensed to operate charters between the islands, France and Alderney.

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Book Voyager at McAllisters Wet Fish Shop in Victoria Street, Alderney. Tel: +44 (0)1481 823666 or +44 (0)7781 160 260



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