Alderney has two fabulous nature reserves. One at Longis and the other at Val de Saou. Both offer the visitor a wonderful opportunity to explore and get close to an impressive range of species.

Longis Nature Reserve

The Longis nature reserve is the largest terrestrial reserve within Alderney, covering approximately 105 hectares. The reserve contains 13 distinct habitats, including marine, intertidal, coastal heathland, grassland, scrub woodland and freshwater ponds, both natural and man-made.

The reserve’s coastal grasslands have a great diversity of plant species, with rarities such as small hares-ear, small restharrow, scrambled egg lichen, autumn lady’s tresses, bastard toadflax and green winged orchids to be found. The marine and freshwater wetlands within the reserve provide an important site for migratory birds with other habitats also hosting many of the island’s best mammal habitats. There are also numerous insect species, nearly 100 of national importance, many of which have not yet occurred in the UK.

The Bird Hides are an ideal place to watch and enjoy Alderney’s rich wildlife in a uniquely positioned and peaceful environment.

Open 7 days a week.

Val de Saou Nature Reserve

The Val du Saou nature reserve covers an area of 7 hectares consisting of coastal cliff top woodland valley habitats. A variety of migratory birds including birds of prey are often spotted within the reserve as well as the island’s only reptile the slow worm. Many important insect species are found here also.

The Alderney Wildlife Trust’s Countryside Interpretation Centre is situated in a refurbished Second World War bunker on the edge of the Val du Saou Reserve and boasts fantastic views over the western cliffs towards France. The Centre offers visitors the chance to understand how mankind has affected Alderney’s environment over the years, with information displays covering history and natural history.

Open 7 days a week.

For more information about these reserve please contact the Alderney Wildlife Trust email or telephone 0044 (0)1481 822935



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