14 November 2016’s SUPERMOON

Alderney is an ideal place to view this rare event because of the clear sky and amazing seascapes to enhance it.

A Supermoon occurs when the full moon takes place at or very near to perigee, the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth in its orbit. Although Supermoons can occur either side of the best situation, this year is very special.

November’s full moon occurs at 13.52GMT, a very short time before moonrise around 17.00GMT. But that’s not all because the full moon hasn’t been this close (and largest) since 1948, and won’t be again until November 25, 2034, another 18 years ! Make the most of this rare event….That’s why I called it a Hunter’s Moon, when that’s strictly October’s full moon. November’s full moon is often called The Full Frost Moon, something certainly true this year in UK.

Check the weather forecasts and go out a day before and after the 14th as the moon will be exceptionally bright. This time the moon will appear 17% larger than when at apogee, the furthest away in its orbit. Then the human eye plays funny tricks when the moon is close to the horizon and always appears “huge” compared with it seen near overhead. That, combined with the moon’s 30% brighter than at apogee, becomes an amazing sight to behold.

I suggest you find a good site with a clear Easterly view to the horizon and catch the moon rising out of the sea or over France for most of us. Excellent viewing sites are Essex, The Nunnery, all along Longis Bay & the top of the Serpentine. The picture shows what to expect from an earlier supermoon last year & also, if you’re lucky Earth’s shadow as here (the orangey/purple band), making this a technical partial eclipse. Get ready just before moon rise around 17.00 and enjoy the view and photograph it. Afterwards make for the pavilion for the celebrations at the Arsenal Football Field at 19.00.

Regardless of the weather Michael Maunder will host a review of your experiences at 19.00 in the pavilion. The bar will be open and light refreshments available. Donations towards the Team’s off-Island events are also welcomed. Michael will be able to answer Questions and have a telescope available to point out other astronomical gems.

For more information, contact Michael by email on mike.speedibrews@gmail.com


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