Island life

To us, our island is our life

We are a small and friendly island community who all love living on this little rock called Alderney. We endeavour to protect and preserve the flora and fauna, respect the sea life that surrounds us, and value the rich history that defines us. Our life here is slow, relaxed and peaceful. Our shopping is done in a small street - you'll find no big superstores here! It’s like stepping back in time 50 years - a place like no other and we invite you with open arms to enjoy and experience our island, just as we do.

Meet the islanders

Alderney is full of wonderful characters who each have a story to tell.

Meet some the characters who make our island special, and you'll be inspired by their passion for all things Alderney!

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Local produce

From local produce and rich creamy milk to seafood straight from the islands clear waters, all of which is stocked across the island’s shops and can be enjoyed in our delightful cafes and restaurants.

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As an island we recognise both the importance and fragility of our environment and strive to towards becoming more sustainable. We became the second ever Surfers Against Sewage ‘Plastic Free Island’ in 2017. As a community we are dynamic recyclers, be it household separation, regular jumble sales or general re-purposing rather than discarding of materials and many of our hoteliers are now focusing on sustainability and recycling across their properties. We still have much to do but are committed to taking strong positive action towards our goal of sustainability and to protect the island we love.


Being a small island we have quite a few unusual and funny traditions. On New Year's Day our firemen get their hoses out and have a water fight and if you fancy you can then join the New Year Days swim! There's 'Milk-O-Punch' Sunday, held on the first Sunday in May, when a local delicacy of milk, eggs and rum is offered free to everyone by every publican on the island and don't forget Alderney Week, the Channel Islands’ biggest annual carnival with mad fun and frolics for everyone to take part in, such as the 'Man Powered Flight and 'Daft Raft Race'. 

Quay FM

At the heart of our community is Alderney's very own radio station, Quay FM. This non-profit organisation is staffed and supported almost entirely by unpaid volunteers and has a permanent premises at Braye Harbour. The station has been on air full time since February 2015 following 5 years of broadcasting just for the summer and Christmas holidays.  Tune in to 107.1 MHz (FM) or online from anywhere in the world on to listen in to their daily programs, whats on listing, news and weather live from Alderney. 

The Bailiwick Pound Note

Alderney uses the pound sterling as its currency, but don’t be confused if you receive some unfamiliar coins or banknotes in your change though, as The Baliwick of Guernsey issues its own variants here.

Our £1 pound note, which is still in use here, often takes visitor by surprise and certainly adds to the Alderney experience. Always leave a one pound note in your wallet and you'll have to come back one day soon!