Local produce

Alderney is bursting with flavour

From local produce and rich creamy milk to seafood straight from the islands clear waters, all of which is stocked across the island’s shops and can be enjoyed in our delightful cafes and restaurants.

Kiln Farm

Located on the East coast of the island, Kiln Farm is a family run farm providing the island with the freshest dairy and meat products. With their very own Farm Shop located on Victoria Street and supplying local eateries it is easy to try and taste this fabulous local produce including luscious milk, cream, butter and ice-cream.

Alderney Pigs

The herd of rare-breed Oxford Sandy and Blacks which enjoy a free range life at the Giffoine behind the airport are always a pleasure to watch. Because of the way they are reared, naturally weaned and allowed to forage, the pork from these pigs is exceptional. It is available to buy from the islands supermarkets or you can usually find it on the menu in a majority of our restaurants.

Alderney Honey

With an array of wildflowers on Alderney it makes it the perfect place for bees to thrive. The island is reportedly one of only two world-wide (the other being Hawaii) that is completely free of bee diseases and therefore a perfect place for happy and healthy bees. Honey products are available from various outlets across the island for you to enjoy.

Hedge Veg

As you travel around the island you’ll often see boxes and small stalls set up at the roadside. Known locally as ‘hedge veg’, you can buy a range of local produce usually grown or made by the owners of the homes that the stalls sit outside. From fruit and vegetables, to flowers and eggs, home-made jams and chutneys they’re all for sale - just simply put the amount due in the ‘honesty box’ provided.

Alderney Roots

In shops and eateries across the island, you can enjoy freshly dug vegetables grown by this family run market garden who pride themselves on being sustainable and chemical free.

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Alderney Salt

Unspoilt by pollution, our waters provide the perfect place to harvest the seawater used to create Alderney Island Sea Salt, which is sold from various outlets across the island for you to enjoy.

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