Braye beach, only a few minutes from the town and harbour it is one of the island’s most popular beaches. It's beautiful white sands are perfect for making sandcastles and the clear calm waters which are sheltered by the breakwater are safe to paddle or swim. The old quay is great for high tide jumping too!

There are plenty of facilities only a short walk away including public toilets under the Braye Beach Hotel which makes this beach a great choice for families. There are also a hand full restaurants on Braye Road accessible from the beach side just over the sand dunes, enjoy a long lunch with a stunning view or order a take-away to take back to the beach. 

Braye beach is home to many events throughout the summer, including the popular and very competitive Sandcastle Competition and Daft Raft race during Alderney Week every August. The Alderney Theatre Group also recently performed Mamma Mia on the old quay to a wonderful audience on picnic blankets and chairs on Braye beach. 

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