Platte Saline

Platte Saline is a wide shingle beach perfect for nature lovers. During spring the ring plover bread at the top of the beach, they are the last regular breading population of ring plover in the Channel Islands. Also during migration it is a great place to see waders, a beautiful spot for enthusiastic bird watchers. 

This beach is also popular with sea-anglers who can often be spotted at dawn or dusk. Red mullet, sole, bass, conger and codling are just some of the fish varieties to be found in the waters off the rocks.

The beach is surrounded by history, Fort Doyle the smallest Victorian Fort sits at the north-east end of the beach and to the south-west sits Fort Tourgis completed the second largest. 

Platte Saline's shingle is also a fascinating place to collect shells, with the strong current brings lots of beautiful colorful shells. 

Please be aware that swimming is not allowed on this beach due to a severe undercurrent.



Location map