Alderney Week - Cancelled


Come and join us for the Channel Island's biggest festival! 

Embrace an island filled with live music,  masses of entertainment for the kids, along with parties, carnivals and wild and wacky events for the whole family! 


Sadly, due to the COVID-19 panedemic, the team have had to cancel this year’s Alderney Week.

The Alderney Week Team are still working on some small events that may be able to go ahead this August. So keep checking Alderney Week's website for the latest updates.


This  year’s theme is: “THE TWENTIES” and will be carried over to 2021.

The Twenties theme lends itself to all sorts of great ideas. So  - from the Roaring 1920's to the space age 2020's and all things before, beyond and in-between – there’s plenty of scope! 



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