Alderney Stones

In 2011, leading British artist, Andy Goldsworthy, who produces site specific sculpture and land art situated within the natural environment chose Alderney as the location for this project called Alderney Stones. The project is a multi-piece artwork that would react and change in space and time in the same way the island itself does.

I chose Alderney because it has a strong sense of layered past and a wide variety of locations in a small area. I hope the Alderney stones project will touch upon the social, geological, historical, climatic and agricultural nature of Alderney.

Andy Goldsworthy - renowned sculptor, photographer and environmentalist

The Alderney Stones installation is comprised of a set of 11 giant 3 tonne rammed-earth boulders placed around the coast of Alderney. Made from compacted local clay each one is filled with different material and objects from around the island.

The stones were designed to gradually disintegrate over time as the weather works its natural process of erosion, revealing their contents. Berries, seeds, old fishing line, tools and discarded gloves will gradually remake their appearance as the stones disintegrate back into the earth.

Alderney Stones Vau Renier 820Px Wide
Alderney Stones 820Px Wide

Examples of two stones which have now disappeared (Photo credit: Rachel C Kremer)

Only five Stones remain today:

Andy Goldsworthy Alderney Stones

You can discover them while walking the Coast Path Challenge.

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