Longis Nature Reserve

Enjoy the stunning views of the coastal heathland, grassland and scrub that surround you.

The Longis nature reserve of Alderney is a beautiful and diverse place to explore, any time of the year. This 90 hectare reserve covers almost the entire east end of the island and presents a wide range of distinct habitats, ranging from marine and intertidal, to coastal headland and shrub.

On Longis Common, you are likely to see stonechat and wheatear, and there is a bird hide looking over Alderney's largest natural freshwater pond.

The hide was erected originally in 2001 and rebuilt in 2017 by the Alderney Wildlife Trust, and has a splendid view over the reed beds and pond. Coot, mallard and moorhen can be seen all year round. In winter snipe, water rail, little grebe and the occasional kingfisher can be spotted.

The hide has lower windows to accommodate wheelchair users and children.





Location map