The Homecoming - 75th Anniversary

We hope you enjoyed the special viewing of the documentary 'The Homecoming' by Eye Film, to mark the 75th anniversary and remember the courage and determination of those who came back after WWII and rebuilt the island that we now love

If you missed it all the films are available to buy from the Alderney Wildlife Trust shop.

This is the last film of a series of three documentaries, a crowdfunded project about our island's WWII story, the darkest period in Alderney’s modern history.

The Evacuation begins in the days prior to the 23rd June 1940 and follows the Alderney island evacuees as they reminisce on their emotional and sometimes frightening journey from their homeland to their new lives as Channel Island refugees on the British mainland.


The War Years was the hardest film to make in the series, which meant it was the last one created. Finished in 2018, the film discovered more about the little known fact that Alderney housed the only concentration camp on British soil. This documentary looked to explore what really happened during the traumatic war years and the affect it had on the survivors and the island since.


After spending over five years on mainland Britain, on December 15th 1945 the Alderney islanders finally began to return home. On their return they found their homeland changed forever. The island had been ransacked and looted, not just by Germans, and the film follows the impacts of this initial shock and the subsequent struggles to rebuild their homes and their community.