PaK Bunker

Built during the WWII German occupation of the island this Type 680 bunker was armed with a large 7.5cm Pak 40 anti-tank gun to defend Braye Bay against enemy landing craft and tanks. There is a corresponding bunker for a similar weapon on the opposite side of the bay.

Originally the bunker was camouflaged as a house with a fake wooden roof and painted windows. The concrete was also camouflaged with a 'crazy paving' texture. Its original flanking wall has since been removed for road access.


The bunker has no crew quarters and was not gas-proof but there is a small personnel shelter located at the rear.

Visitors are able to go inside of the bunker and learn about the structure, along with other nearby historic features.

Always open to the public. Please note that despite all the efforts to make the bunker as safe as possible, care must be taken as the bunker has a very low ceiling.

Admission: FREE




Location map