Lager Borkum

Lager Borkum, lying in the centre of the island, occupies the least exposed location of all of the four principal wartime labour camps set up in Alderney in 1942 by the Organisation Todt (OT).

Few records survive of the conditions within this camp which was said to be occupied by OT staff and supervisory personnel from conscripted European construction companies, and the specialists engaged in the technical aspects of fitting out the numerous bunker designs. Capable of holding several hundred occupants, the few eyewitness accounts indicate that conditions here were not so severe as in the other camps.

The Impôt road, which runs through the camp, is guarded by two sets of masonry gateposts on the camp perimeter which survive, together with the concrete bases to the main range of huts lying in the hollow of the low ground to the east. Lager Borkum was the only camp infrastructure to remain in May 1945, after which it was used as temporary military barracks.




Location map