The Odeon

This massive concrete tower was built by forced labourers under the German occupying power in 1943. Originally it was intended as a Naval range-finding position, Marinepeilstand 3 or ‘MP3’, to observe enemy ships, and was to be part of a network with five other similar towers placed around the island. The rounded front section was for observation and the rear section for accommodation and target plotting.

Each one of the three observation levels was linked to one of the island’s three coastal gun batteries (Annes, Blücher and Elsass) to provide the distance of a target. Navy personnel would use readings from two of the proposed towers to quickly calculate the bearing and range of a target.

However, the five other towers were never constructed and this tower was not used as initially intended. More advanced long-base optical range-finders were placed in the battery positions themselves, supported by radar.


Newly reopened to the public there are 4 floors to explore with information boards. On a clear day, the observation levels, one of which has a telescope, offers amazing views to France.

Open daily: 10am-4pm, admission free.

(Weather dependent)

CAUTION: Please be aware that the Odeon is on a cliff edge. There are sheer drops and children should be closely supervised at all times. 

ACCESS: We regret that the Odeon is not accessible to wheelchairs. The tower has steps, steep staircases and uneven surfaces which those with restricted mobility or impaired vision might find difficult.

If you catch the 2pm train from Braye Station there's plenty of time to visit the Odeon before catching the return train at 4.15pm

The train runs Saturdays only May to October (also Sundays in July and August).

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