Alderney Railway

Alderney has the only working railway in the Channel Islands. It was built by the British Government in the 1840's and officially opened in 1847 by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who rode on the railway in a horse drawn tender. Its original purpose was to carry stone from the eastern end of the island to build the breakwater and the Victorian forts.

Nowadays, the old train wagons which have been replaced by two London Underground carriages and a diesel engine carry visitors from Braye Road Station to Mannez Station near the Lighthouse. From train enthusiasts to families, this historic railway provides lots of interest and entertainment.

Admission: adults £6, children £3 (return).

Runs on Saturdays from May to September and on Sundays in August.

Check on the Alderney Railway's website for the times, other available dates and charter.

The train is currently experiencing serious technical issues. Unfortunately, the necessary repairs are very expensive. As the railway Society is run by dedicated volunteers, they are fundraising to enable to do the necessary to repair the train.

If you wish to help, you can by either:

- donate on the Just Giving page created to raise the funds: Crowdfunding to repair our Train on JustGiving


- become a member: Become a Member | Mysite (

Thank you

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